Azband (L-R: Ryan Wallace, Phil Barrager, Brian Whittemore, Matt Lowry, Gordon McClure)

Our worship team (Azband) from Asbury Church, is returning to Uruguay on Tuesday, March 1, to lead worship at various churches, a Bible college, the Teen Challenge program in Montevideo, as well as teach and lead worship at a National Teen Camp in Paso de Los Toros. We may have as many as 2,000 teens and young adults at the camp.

Please be in prayer for our team as we travel and that the hearts of the Uruguayan people seek after God. We also would appreciate your prayers for our families as we will be gone for 10 days. At present, our transportation to the camp has broken down and we are waiting on God to provide a solution. (It is about 160 miles from Montevideo to the camp.) We also need prayer for this problem to be solved. I will post pictures and video when I get back. God’s blessings !

The video below was done during our previous trip in the Fall of 2009. (You can also check out our host, Isaac Smythia’s blog on my blogroll at the left of this page.