ImageGeorge Duke: A Brazilian Love Affair

The Songs:

  1. Brazilian Love Affair
  2. Summer Breezin’
  3. Cravo E Canela
  4. Alone-6 AM
  5. Brazilian Sugar
  6. Sugar Loaf Mountain
  7. Love Reborn
  8. Up From The Sea It Arose And Ate Rio In One Swift Bite
  9. I Need You Now
  10. Ao Que Vai Nascer (Bonus Track)

Collective Personnel:

  • George Duke – keyboards, vocals
  • Milton Nascimento – vocals, guitar
  • Flora Purim, Simone, Josie James, Lynn Davis, Lucinha Lins, Zéluiz, Flávio Faria, Lucia Turnbull – vocals
  • Roland Bautista, Toninho Horta – guitar
  • Byron Miller, Jamil Jones – bass
  • Ricky Lawson, Roberto Silva – drums
  • Airto Moreira, Chico Batera, Roberto Silva, Sheila E – percussion
  • Jerry Hey – flügelhorn
  • Bill Reichenbach, Raul De Souza – trombone
  • Larry Williams – alto & tenor saxophone

In the early 1970’s, George Duke went on tour to Brazil while he was a member of Cannonball Adderley’s band. While there, he met Brazilian singer/songwriter Milton Nascimento. This experience and later sessions playing on albums by Airto Moreira and Flora Purim led to a deep fascination with Brazilian samba & bossa nova music. A string of successful jazz-funk albums (including two additional albums recorded the same year as this one), gave him the artistic clout with Epic Records to do something a little more artistically challenging. Duke took his touring band, which included Byron Miller, Ricky Lawson, and a young Sheila E to Brazil where they collaborated with Nascimento, Moreira, and Purim, as well as some of the top Brazilian session players to create one of his most critically acclaimed albums.

Duke’s keyboard playing in the Latin context is much richer and more satisfying than his funk-disco output. Every cut seems to be deeply inspired by the South American surroundings and camaraderie among the musicians. Nascimento contributed the songs “Ao Que Vai Nascer,” (an additional track on the CD release that did not appear on the original LP), and “Cravo E Canela,” which has become something of a Latin standard. In addition to its appearance here and on an earlier album of Nascimento’s, it has been recorded by Flora Purim, Eliane Elias, and Sergio Mendes. The rest of the compositions are all by Duke, including the now classic “Love Reborn.” (Buy it here.)